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Turn your stories into songs!

Any genre, any style!

Songs for friends
& loved ones!


  • Birthdays

  • Holidays

  • Love songs

  • Proposals

  • Anniversaries

  • Memorials

  • Mother/Father's Day

  • Anything you like!

Songs for D&D and role-play gamers!


  • Theme songs for characters

  • Theme songs for parties

  • Musical prophecies

  • Gifts for GMs and players

  • Ballads, shanties, & more!

Ode to King Lew

Great song and words. They were super helpful and supportive and took the time to understand what was needed. The whole thing beginning to end was excellent and we have a fantastic memory forever more. Excellent production as well.


London, UK

BFH Album Cover Batch 1_4.png

Kai the Lightbringer

What an incredible concept to provide a personal experience and gift to someone. Who wouldn’t want a song about their special day, a loved one or their favourite fantasy character. Thank you for making me happy ugly cry Bards for Hire.


Sydney, Australia

BFH Album Cover Batch 1_4.png

Minor Pirate Tyrant

I would recommend Bards for Hire to anyone. The process to get my ideas down was so easy going, yet the production value I got at the end result was so high. Everyone was so receptive and you could feel the passion behind the process.


Newcastle, Australia

BFH Album Cover Batch 1_4.png

[New song coming soon!]

From start to finish, Bards for Hire worked hard to ensure a great customer experience. They were knowledgeable about the genre of music I wanted, what instruments would be appropriate, had suggestions for instrumentation, and were very responsive to feedback and requests for edits. It was great to work with professional musicians who really understood the purpose of the music and were able to make it come to life in a way that I would never have been able to achieve on my own.

I was especially impressed by the scope and quality of professional instrumentation available through Bards for Hire. I was expecting just a standard array of popular band and orchestral instruments to choose from - and instead, they offered niche world instruments like the oud and ney flute that would make my original song sound like it was coming from the time period and global location that it is designed for. In addition, the turnaround for the recording of the instruments was much faster than I anticipated, especially given that the ney flutist composed their own harmony to accompany the tune I provided. Stunning work!


Wichita, USA

BFH Album Cover Batch 1_4.png

Ode to King Lew

If you really want a special something for a special someone .. this is it! An entire song that is about and for the recipient done with humor and wit. Working with this creative team was a great experience and their attention to detail made all the difference. I can’t wait for another opportunity to hire them!


San Diego, USA

BFH Album Cover Batch 1_4.png

How it works:

Tell us a story about anything you like we turn it into professional, releasable music.

Any genre, any style!

Songs for friends and loved ones!

birthdays, love songs, anniversaries, or just because!

Songs for role-play gamers!

  • Character theme songs

  • Party theme songs

  • Gifts for GMs (they deserve it!)

  • Prophecies

  • Ballads, shanties, and more!

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Bards for Hire

Immortalise your adventures,

Your characters and quests,

We perform from around the world

And craft bespoke requests.

Take a seat, we'll hear your tale,

Give us Bardic Inspiration,

And in return, we'll help your deeds

Be sung for generations!

Bards for Hire is an international network of musicians, troubadours, performers and vagabonds, who turn your adventures into musical productions you can cherish.


Immortalise your stories and hire a Bard!

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