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Bards for Hire offers a variety of packages for any song or budget.

Please read

Please read


These prices are a rough guide to costs and we will let you know a finalized price based on your songs genre, complexity, length, and choice of instruments.

Click 'Get a quote', fill in a 2 min survey, and we'll walk you through all your options :)

From $65 USD

Best Value


Use one of our existing instrumentals!

With an existing instrumental you:
- Pick your favourite from our list (contact us for the full link)
- We write your lyrics
- Choose your singer
- Receive a full song at a far cheaper rate!

From $200 USD

Most Popular

Silver Package

Our most popular offering, receive a full song from a full band!

+35% USD

Add on

Commercial Rights

As a default, Bards For Hire retains all music rights to reuse, which is a big reason why we are able to keep our prices as low as they are, and helps us protects the work and rights of our musicians.

You have the all rights to personal use and performance rights as part of the commssion. You may also use your songs in streams and podcasts as long as Bards for Hire is credited.

HOWEVER, if you'd like the sole rights to the song for commercial use, to alter the song, or release it yourself and be eligible for royalties, that's also awesome! This is the add on for you! (Legals to be uploaded to the website soon, message us for details in the meantime if you're interested.)

From $10 USD

Gift Cards

Gift someone music, and let them decide the tune!

From $20 USD

Lyrics only

Whether you are looking for lyrics, prose, poetry, or prophecy, we're happy to write it!

(Optional) Guitar chords included.

From $70 USD

Copper Package

Want a simple tune?

We write you something simple using guitar, piano, ukulele, or digital instruments.

We write you lyrics, and you can choose your singer!

A great choice for something simple.

From $500 USD

Gold Package

For ambitious productions with large bands, multiple exotic instruments, and multiple vocalists and harmonies.

From $7 USD per person per hour

Want to learn D&D?

Want to learn Dungeons & Dragons?
Or are you an experianced player or group looking for a new adventure?

One of our leading bards, Davey, is a Game Master for hire. When not writing the lyrics for our D&D songs, he works an actor, writier, and professional storyteller. He's been running games for over a decade for all levels of play, including an appearance as the 'Expert Game Master' on Beauty & the Geek Australia, 2021. 

Intrigued? More info and testimonials here!

Wooden Surface

Add ons


Add on

Choose your singer

Who would you like to sing your song?

Pick from one of our featured artists, or let us know the *vibe* you're looking for and we'll find someone that suits.

Receive a discount on your song

Add on

Use your own lyrics

Written your own song? Just need an instrumental or a vocalist? We're happy to provide and reduce our fees accordingly!

From $20 USD

Add on

Album Cover

FREE for released songs!

From $65 USD

Add on

Sheet Music (printed)

Want some handwritten, frame-able sheet music of your melody as part of your gift?

Let us know!

From $25 USD

Add on

Make it a duet

Want to add an additional voice? Can do!

From $5 USD per voice

Add on

Join the chorus!

Add a personal touch by becoming part of your song! We think it's a nice touch if your family joins in on the final chorus of your grandfather's birthday, or your D&D group gives voice to the rowdy tavern crowd singing your shanty. 

(For an example, check out 'Ode to King Lew' - a song for a 90th birthday now available on your favourite streaming service. Starting at time code 2:05, the song features a choir of 30 family members along with a Frank Sinatra impersonator!)

It's easy to do! We send you what to sing, lyrics, the instrumental, and a simple how-to guide.

No need to be professional singer! Being a shower-level singer is perfect. Honestly.

Besides, we can do some tech wizardry to make you sound angelic regardless!

From $0 USD

Add on

Pick your instruments

Have a particular instrument you'd like included?

Bagpipes, flutes, fiddles, lutes, ouds, harps, or more cow bell. Or, ya know, something more usual like a guitar or a piano.

Just let us know!

From $25 USD

Add on

Release your song!

Want to add your song to your playlists? Easily share it with friends?

You'll be credited as co-writter, and your song released on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, and many others.

Comes with a FREE personalized album cover and lyric video!

From $40 USD

Add on

Lyric Video

FREE for released songs!

From $45 USD

Add On

Sheet Music (digital)

Want your melody as printable sheet music?

Let us know!

From $35 USD

Add on

Tavern singers

Want some rowdy tavern-style voices in the background? Less Glee Club vibes, and more wee-bit-drunk vibes? Easy!

We see you D&D nerds. And it's always a pleasure.

From $60 USD

Add on

Hire a choir

Want a whole bunch of professional singers on your track? No worries, can do!

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